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Testimonials for Weddings

Reverend Karen, we are so happy that you were able to be the officiant for our wedding. Our ceremony was so personal.  You captured our personalities and the essence of our relationship beautifully. It will be a day we will remember forever, and we thank you for making our day so special and sweet.       Lauren and Nathan



It was a joy to plan our wedding with Reverend Karen! We loved her ecumenical and open approach in helping us create and organize our ceremony. Karen was always encouraging and supportive as we talked about our relationship and future together. We loved how she incorporated details of our conversations into the minister’s message she gave during our ceremony. She thoughtfully provided suggestions for details of the ceremony that would not have occurred to us, and gave us needed assistance at many junctures, especially when we were writing our vows.

With Karen, we were able to share what we really wanted to share with family and friend in our wedding and keep close all of the commitments that were most meaningful to us. Our ceremony could not have been more spiritually beautiful, conducted with warmth and serenity.       Johanna and Louis  



What a pleasure it was to have Karen officiate our special day! From our initial meeting with her through our wedding day, her professionalism, confidence, and calmness helped to carry us through the day. Karen took the time to get to know us, and we loved how she made our ceremony personal. Having Karen as our officiant was like having a good friend with us.       Pam and Ben


We are a lesbian couple of mixed backgrounds, black and white, Jewish and Protestant, and Rev. Karen was of great help in designing a civil union ceremony that was unique to us.  We spent several sessions creating a wedding that included earth-centered blessings, traditional vows, personally-chosen music and readings, and a flower ceremony that incorporated our families.  Karen also contributed lovely readings and blessings that truly reflected who we are as a couple.  Her warmth, kindness, and openness to all traditions were greatly appreciated.  Our ceremony was beautiful and meaningful.  We highly recommend her services to any couple who really want a ceremony with that “personal touch.”        Jan and Debra



We cannot say enough how happy and blessed we were in choosing Reverend Karen as our minister for our wedding. Karen is welcoming and warm and draws you in with her smile. From the moment we met her, we felt comfortable and connected with Karen. Her questions about our relationship helped her learn what makes us a unique couple and Karen wove what we shared into our ceremony. It was clear that she had listened and understood who we are. We wanted our ceremony to incorporate our different religions and traditions, and Karen was excited and open to all we wanted. Together, we created a ceremony that was a reflection of us as a couple and our cultural and religious backgrounds. The Celtic hand fasting was done beautifully, and it was one of the most memorable moments of our day. Our wedding was unforgettable for us and our guests, and our experience with Karen was very special and meaningful.       Caitlin and Ben



As soon as we were engaged, there was no one else we considered rather than our Reverend Mom, Karen. One of the most memorable and meaningful parts of working together was the day we sat down with her and talked about our relationship, what we loved about each other and what we envisioned for our wedding day. In the mist of the chaos and stress that comes with planning a wedding, she helped us be centered and focused on the true meaning of our day. We shared the many reasons why we chose each other to be life partners and they were all reflected in the beautiful ceremony she performed on our wedding day. It was a blessing and true gift to have Revered Karen be our officiant!       Angela and Tshombe



Reverend Karen, we want to thank you so much for performing our wedding and the children's blessing. We couldn't have asked for a better minister. From our very first meeting, we knew you were the perfect fit for us. Thank you again for making our day so special and meaningful.  The whole ceremony was absolutely perfect and exactly what we wanted. Again, we both thank you from the bottom of our hearts.       Jennifer and Melinda



Reverend Karen is a wonderful person. We so appreciate everything she did to prepare us for our wedding day.

Reverend Karen not only made us feel comfortable with her, she led us through the process so gracefully, creating the perfect ceremony for us. We met with Karen twice before the big day and can easily say that we connected so well with her, we couldn't imagine anyone else helping us celebrate our union. She was responsive, helpful, and courteous through the whole process. So many people came up to us at the reception to compliment the ceremony and to tell us how beautiful it was-- which could only have been accomplished with Reverend Karen. Her spirituality and personality creates such a unique ceremony, and there wasn't a dry eye in the building. We think Reverend Karen is a perfect choice for any couple looking to celebrate their love.    Mary and Jeff



From the first moment we talked to Reverend Karen, we felt an instant connection!  Her warm personality made it extremely easy and fun for us to talk about ourselves, our relationship and our journey together. She asked us questions that really made us think and left us feeling closer as a couple. She worked with us to create our PERFECT wedding ceremony. During our ceremony she spoke with such grace and passion for us as a couple. We truly felt she spoke from her heart. During the months before our wedding, we met a few times.  Our favorite part was the "couple interview." This was a great experience which allowed Reverend Karen to get to know us better and reflect on our own relationship and to hear from one another about what we mean to each other. Reverend Karen wrote our love story which she shared with us for the first time at our wedding ceremony, and it was such an emotional and special reflection of our past for the both of us and our family and friends. Our family and friends couldn't stop talking about how perfect, beautiful and personal our wedding ceremony was. They felt that they connected even more with us as a couple, knowing our story and journey.   We will forever recommend Reverend Karen.       Carla and Christian

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