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Our life journeys have both joys and sorrows, and each needs to be honored in our spirits.


"Celebrating joyful events nurtures our spirits and creates happy memories. In times of sorrow, we seek understanding and peace in our hearts and can heal with the help of others’ attention and love."


Spiritual Guidance is deep and reflective listening, helping another to be in touch with her/his inner spirit and to listen to the “still voice within,” which holds the truth to who we are and our deepest yearnings. Companioning someone on a spiritual journey is an honor, and I hold this relationship in loving compassion and confidentiality. I believe that living our lives in a spiritual way makes us happier and healthier, and the healing that takes place in our hearts and minds is ultimately a spiritual one.

If you are setting intentions for a richer spiritual life, grieving a loss or discerning “next steps” in your life, it would be my honor to be of service to you.


Relationship Counseling is helping a couple, friends or a family unit identify issues that create misunderstanding, conflict and hurt in the relationship, and providing guidance for healthy communication, problem solving and expression of the love and appreciation that is inherent in the relationship(s).  


 Memorial Services are revered remembrances of a loved one who has died and a service that gives comfort to the family and friends of the person who has passed. One of the most sacred services I can do as a minister is to help a family memorialize and celebrate the life of a loved one, and to be a presence for them spiritually and emotionally during their time of loss.


Celebrating a New Life as in a Baby Blessing is a source of joy for the parents and extended family of a child during the first year of life. What could be more joyful and holy than blessing a new being!

Creating Rituals for Life Passages brings meaning to our spiritual lives as we celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, moving to a new space, graduations, retirements, new jobs, or other achievements.  Rituals created to recognize transitions such as divorce, job loss, or other difficult life changes can help us find meaning and growth in our losses and move on with our lives in healthy ways.  I would be happy to help you create a ritual for a significant life passage.


Compensation:  The costs of these services are dependent upon what you need and your life circumstances.

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