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Karen has a unique spiritual grace that infuses everything she does. I saw this quality at work in the beautiful memorial service that she created for my mother; in the pastoral work that she did for our church when she ministered to people in our congregation, some in their darkest hours; in her passionate quest for social justice; and in the loving kindness with which she reaches out to the world. She has been a spiritual teacher, friend, and sister to me.       Liz

We had the great honor of getting to know Karen first as the minister of our wedding. Karen came as a personal recommendation from my mother in law, who considers her a dear friend and the exact person who could not only make the day of our union special, but also encourage spiritual reflection leading up to this blessed event.  Since that day, we have sought comfort in Karen’s words, her insightful wisdom and humor when the time came that my beloved father-in-law transitioned to the spirit world shortly after our wedding, and to this day, as we navigate our way as a married couple.

Using her very high emotional intelligence, Karen has helped Chris and me examine our communication methods and patterns, especially in times of conflict. Through her own openness to sharing, the environment that Karen creates feels safe and comfortable for us to reciprocate in sharing with her and ultimately, with each other. With that gentle evocation of openness, the understanding of how the other might feel starts to take hold. We consider Karen not just our support but our dear friend as well, and will continue to seek her presence in our lives.            Kim & Chris

We had a family gathering to bless our daughter on her first birthday.  Karen led us in creating a blessing that included our statements of wishes and vows to our daughter as her parents and the opportunity for other family members to give their wishes and blessings to her.  Karen anointed our daughter with a lovely blessing for her spirit, mind and body. Our ceremony was relaxed and gentle with a love and intimacy that truly connected us spiritually to one another. We were so happy with our ceremony and very grateful and honored that Karen was our minister for this sacred blessing.      Garth and Evelyn                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Reverend Karen’s spiritual counseling and guidance helped me to feel more attuned to my spirituality. I felt that Karen really listened to me and helped me make sense of what was going on in my life from a spiritual perspective. I especially found value in the personalized guided meditations Karen created for me. Our work together enabled me emerge from a time of transition in my life with renewed senses of purpose, identity and peace.       Donna


Before speaking with Reverend Karen, I was confused about all of the options regarding funerals, memorial services and cemeteries.  My partner and I have differing ideas about cremation vs. burial and my family does not live in Delaware.  I felt pretty alone.  Everything was a jumble in my mind.  I realized that I needed some spiritual advice and contacted Rev. Karen.  She listened respectfully, put my mind at ease, relieved my fears and we even laughed a little. I highly recommend Reverend Karen for spiritual advice. In the event of an untimely death, I would certainly have her speak at my memorial service.        Debra

Karen and I met as co-workers at a YWCA. We worked together with the children and youth at the YW, and I attended the parenting classes that she taught and was a member of the women’s support group that she led. I had never met anyone as loving, accepting and patient as Karen. I learned how to help children with their feelings from Karen as she modeled complete respect and empathic communication with the young children and with the teens in our programs. In her parenting classes and women’s support group, Karen had a way of making everyone feel safe to express themselves. She has the ability to draw people out and affirm their goodness and personal power.  Karen helped me learn so much about myself in this time of my life as a woman and mother…. a time of true personal empowerment for me.

Karen continues to be a friend in my life who supports me personally and spiritually.  When we talk, I always feel reassured emotionally and understood. I benefit from her compassionate, reflective listening, wise counsel and loving presence.      Barbara

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